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    New Domain & Hosting

    We are glad to announce that we are moving our website from the second level .com.ve domain to a first level domain .xyz
    Also we have changed our hosting provider trying to avoid lots of russian users that had been tried to sabotage our website, sending bots traffic to our url.
    We hope you enjoy our website, keep coming and checking our news section.

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    New Untitled Game Project

    Here at Quad Games we have started a new game project, it's a third person shooter, with lot of action and adventure.
    It will have 8 levels in single player campaign and will have 4 new innovative multiplayer game modes.
    We are planing a release for the first quarter of 2018 for our first prototype with the first level of the single player campaign and the first mode of multiplayer available for testing purposes.
    We don't have much to show you, but you can check our youtube channel, there you will see a quick video of a lighting check from the first level of the game.
    Keep coming, more news about this game will be available soon, also it website will be launch in a couple of months.

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    Ninja's Bo August 2017 Update

    We are sorry to announce that the development of our 2D Action game called Ninja's Bo is already halted.
    The major reason behind this decision is the loss of 2D game popularity.
    The current state of Ninja's Bo is halted, but it is "evolving", we are working to polish the story of the game and we are sure that Ninja's Bo will be returned in a 3D world, mixing it's currents rpg and action elements with an addicting hack & slash game style.
    Remember to visit the Ninja's Bo website to the latest news about the game.

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    Ninja's Bo May 2017 Update #1

    Quad Games has just launched the Ninja's Bo's Patreon page, to help the development of the project. We encourage all of our visitors to support the development of Ninja's Bo becoming a patron of Ninja's Bo, that will help to speed up the development and will help to increase the game quality.
    You can get more information about Ninja's Bo and it's patreon page at the Ninja's Bo Website

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    Ninja's Bo May 2017 Update #2

    Sorry for the lot of time without any update, lot of thing happend in the background, but we are here working hard to keep Ninja's Bo alive and here are some update on the development.
    The final game HUD is ready already implemented on the game, you can see a new health and armor bar, new sword upgrades indicator, also the berserk indicator is on the hud, new magic, shuriken, score counts.
    The big change on the screen is the new level layout and his parallax background, soon we will upload a new video showing all this.
    You can get more information about Ninja's Bo and it's patreon page at the Ninja's Bo Website

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