About Quad Games


Quad Games is an indie video game development studio; it started operations in the year 2006 but has funded as a corporation in 2015.

Our first 3 games were made using the XNA from Microsoft, these games are Pong Clone, Pac-Man Clone and Lode Runner Clone, all three games were made with free assets from the web and no commercial version of those are available.

Later in 2009 we start to using the UDK; in the 2010 we made Aventura, an adventure game based on the oldiest venture 3d; on 2011 Trianglix, an agility game; both games don’t have any commercial version out there and where made using free assets from the web too.

In 2015 Quad Games released Stellar 2D, a arcade space shooter, we made it using Unity3D, the game was planed to be released on mobile for free, but we got a publisher from the UK and the publisher released it on steam.

Actually we are working on a few projects using Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4, we move slow but firm.

Game development does take time, we are not shy if some time passes without showing any update on our projects, we are making baby steps to get to our goals, keep coming to check our news, game development progress and game release dates.

Hope you enjoy our site, if you have any advice just use the contact form.


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