Ninja's Bo Made with Unity [Currently Halted]

Info About Ninja's Bo ...

Ninja’s Bo is an Arcade Action game, the player control a ninja that must retrieve the stolen mystical Bo from his village.

His journey goes through 10 levels fighting enemies and avoiding the dangers, collecting energy tokens, finding keys, weapons and upgrades to survive.

This game is in development, we are using unity 3d version 5 and will be available for PC (Windows, OS X and Linux) on Steam.

The Ninja’s Bo current release date is delayed until the game is re-made in 3D.

Interview with Ninja’s Bo development team at Gaming Conviction

You can find more information about this game at Ninja's Bo WebSite

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Ninja's Bo
Ninja's Bo

Game Requirements

Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8 - 8.1 / 10

2 Ghz C.P.U. Or Better

Graphics Card that support, at minimum, shader model 2.0

2 GB of R.A.M.

You also need the DirectX Resdistributable installed on your computer


Ninja's Bo Tsuo at the begin of the first level
Ninja's Bo Tsuo near a new Checkpoint
Ninja's Bo Tsuo near two broken trees
Ninja's Bo Tsuo on a Checkpoint
Ninja's Bo Tsuo passing a Bridge
Ninja's Bo Pause Screen

Ninja's Bo Rock Golem Boss



Still in development, come back later.

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