Treasures! Made with Unreal Engine 4

Info About Treasures! ...

Treasures is an third person shooter game, the story so far is very simple, the player is hired by a museun's directors to recover some treasures from an south american jungle.

The player is running out of time because an eccentric wealthy man has hired a famous tomb rider to get those treasures to increase his personal collection of rare objects around the world.

He must fights the dangers of the jungle and the team of the tomb rider to get his way to the treasures.

The game will feature various types of guns, some game puzzles, eights levels and four innovative multiplayer game modes.

Treasures!'s website will coming soon.

Ninja's Bo
Ninja's Bo

Game Requirements

Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8 - 8.1 / 10

2 Ghz C.P.U. Or Better

Graphics Card that support, at minimum, shader model 4.0

4 GB of R.A.M., Recommended 8 GB

You also need the DirectX Resdistributable installed on your computer


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Still in development, come back later.

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